If It's Glass, We'll Tint It!

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We believe in safety first

Most residential and commercial properties are designed with large numbers of windows, glass doors or skylights. With being beautiful, the glass areas make your home more vulnerable to ultraviolet light, solar heat and breakage.


Save your property with tinting from Ice Tech Automotive Window Tint and get lifetime warranty on tinting that we can do by coming to your home and office. We also offer patio door tinting services.

A class apart

Block the blinding sun glare that kills your view, makes it difficult to read your computer screen and disrupts your work it also interferes with your calm moment at home. Regardless of the size or architectural design, you get a wide range of tints to renovate and compliment your building and in turn reducing your air conditioning costs.

Improved outward appearance

As well as maintenance of the value of your property

Tinted windows - not just for cars!

Tinted glasses aren't just for cars. You can get the window panes of your residential or commercial spaces tinted. It will help reduce your utility bills, and make your home or business a more comfortable place. You will be free from any glare on screens, hot-spots in your home and you will have more privacy.